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NB Gravel Ride Part TWO, Aug 6 and 7th. DAY ONE

The whole trip

2 days, 781km

Tuesday 19-08-06

Day 1, 283km
I rode quite a bit of gravel on this trip, this was in nice condition but a bit loose.
I lightened the load a bit but the bike is still loaded pretty heavy
For all those that think riding in NB means 100% tunnel-like tree lined roads.
Crossing the Saint John River on the Evandale Ferry.
It’s a great day for summertime fun on the river.
“Road Closed” signs are much cheaper than construction repairs so this road remains unpassable by all but an ATV.
The KLR is using a bit of oil so I stopped at Oak Point Park to top it up .
Dinner at the Welsford Irving – $4.35.
Heading into the bush so I bought 2l of H2O.
Found a decent boondocking spot at the northern tip of South Oromocto Lake.
Camp location
Tucked unobtrusively into the trees, barely visible from the road.
There’s a tiny dam holding back the lake with a fish ladder along the side.
video log entry
Enjoying a nice sunset from my campsite

NB Gravel Ride, July 22 to 25th. DAY FOUR

The whole trip

The whole route, 1,409 KM total

Thursday, 19-07-25

Day 4, 379KM
Crappy campground experience, McAdam, NB
Crappy campground experience, McAdam, NB
Had a great breakfast here.
a picturesque boondocking site
a picturesque boondocking site
flowing water
flowing water
flowing water
moving water Pano 1
Moving water Pano 2
A usable, compact boondock site, pretty close to the road, though.
I wasn’t sure I could make it through the bush to the next fuel so I turned back toward Utopia

NB Gravel Ride, July 22 to 25th. DAY THREE

The whole trip

The whole route, 1,409 KM total

WEDNESDAY 19-07-24

Day 3, 437KM
Bridge across the St. John River
Bridge across the St. John River
Bridge across the St. John River
Saint John River
Saint John River
The trail is fizzling out fast
How far do I take this?
I’m not going to go any further.
Dropped the bike turning around in the steamy forest, had to partially unload to get it back on it’s wheels.
back on two wheels and ready to continue on.
Camping spot tor the night

NB Gravel Ride, July 22 to 25th. DAY TWO

The whole trip

The whole route, 1,409 KM total

Tuesday 2019-07-23

Day 2, 223KM
it’s possible to work on the carb without removing the tankā€¦ just.
all done, buttoned up and ready to go.
The picnic park where I did the carb work
KLR travellers typically carry engine oil with them.
Arriving at States Lake.
Somebody out fishing on the lake, Nice Truck!
States Lake sunset
States Lake sunset 2
Almost done fishing States Lake
Fisherman’s dog, eager to see who I was.
The Marina at States Lake
video log 1
video log 2
video log 3
Day 2, Camp location

A ride to maine and new hampshire June 5th to 10th, 2019 – Day five & six

Sunday June 9, 2019

Day Five, 275 KM
It got cool in the night, I never reset the clock so it’s 7:58 in the White Mountains. June 9, 2019

Monday June 10, 2019

Day Six, 530 KM
Stopped in Ellsworth, ME to pick up some gloves, love their collection of old bikes.
stopped here to check out a possible boondocking spot near a lake, nearly got carried off by black flies ugh!
I lived less than 5 km from this bridge back in the 70’s and have driven past it hundreds of times over the years – never looked underneath it until today – ah, life in the slow lane.